Infertility Awareness Week: Our Story

It’s Infertility Awareness Week and I feel so blessed to be where we are today on this journey, cradling a belly that now carries our sweet little miracle man after being told it wouldn’t be in the cards for us. I wanted to share a little bit of our story & a few tips we believe that helped us get to where are right now in hopes that it may help someone else out there struggling on this journey. ❤️

Almost 3 years ago, I walked into what was supposed to be a routine annual appt at my gyno, & walked out with the news of possible infertility in our future. Talk about a shock. Though a family wasn’t always on my radar as a freshly graduated Masters degree student, it had ALWAYS been on my husband’s, & the idea of not being able to fulfill that with him absolutely CRUSHED me. After running every test in the book, pricks, pokes, prods and scopes, I fell into the “Unexplained Infertility” category; frustrating to say the least because you don’t even have a REASON to go with, ya know? “You’re just a healthy 23 year old who doesn’t ovulate, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not sure it will be possible for you two”. Gee doc, thanks. The best thing he did for me then was to drop it though. We were about to get married, so we obviously weren’t trying then or any time in the near future, and he told me to just wait and we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it… wedding stress was enough, let’s not through fertility issues in with that, right? So we did.

We went on as usual and I tried not to think about it too much. 2 years into marriage, 2 houses purchases, 2 moves, 4 job changes, and 3 new pets later, we felt like we were at the place where we could start talking about it again. Since then, I had found out I have a blood clotting disease, which caused my birth control options to dwindle down to an IUD (because it was “most reversible for your fertility state” of the 3 “bloodclot approved” inserts), so that’s what I went with, there was no other option right? I started having a lot of other issues & (tip #1👉) after a ton of research & seeing a holistic doctor, we linked a lot of them to my IUD, so regardless of whether we were going to start trying or not, for my own health, the IUD needed to go, so it did.

Prior to this, I hadn’t ovulated in over a year, and hadn’t had a period in about 8 months, so it was VERY evident that my hormones were all out of wack, so I started researching natural ways to balance hormones, in hopes that I could get my body in a healthy regulated state for when we WERE ready. First (tip #2👉) was switching to a toxic free home everywhere we could; from our food to our cleaners and beauty products, many of the chemicals used on our foods and products contain EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals) which physically change your DNA and endocrine system, and are a leading infertility contributor in today’s world because of how strongly they affect hormones. So that was my outside defense. To help balance things from the inside, (tip #3👉) I found Premamawellness Hormone Cleanse, an all natural hormone balancing supplement made to help regulate hormones and rebalance your reproductive system. Worth a shot in my book.

The cleanse was a month long, and low and behold, I had a period for the first time all year! Still didn’t ovulate, but a period alone was enough for excitement! Not to mention I felt better then than I had in YEARS which spoke volumes about how imbalanced my hormones were from my birth control years. Our conversations began to get a little more hopeful about eventually being able to get pregnant! (tip #4👉) I was still tracking my Basal Body Temperature (natural birth control but also just a great way to learn about your cycle) and using LH tests (ovulation tests) to track progress happening with my cycle. I used the NaturalCycles app, but have heard you can track with Ovia Health as well! My cycle was pretty flat (temperature spikes with ovulation) and I still wasn’t producing any LH (LH levels surge high right before ovulation), so with as much as I loved the Hormone Cleanse, (tip #5👉) I started stage 2 of Premamawellness called Fertility, an all natural supplement to help with ovulation, egg health and uterine lining. (Did you know an IUD thins your uterine lining down to nothing so it can‘t catch fertilized eggs? It can take some time for some people to rebuild a healthy, lush lining after that).

Stage 2 supplements were a month long, and I noticed my temperature start to change that month and confirming with my daily LH tests, I ovulated for the first time all year!! Could this be our month?! We didn’t want to get too hopeful, we really weren’t expecting me to ovulate any time soon since it had been so long, not to mention, if it would even stick after years of abusing my uterine lining with my IUD, but through lots of prayer, all our nutrition & home changes, natural supplements and Gods timing, to both our surprises, we had beat our infertility diagnosis naturally (once) and were blessed with a positive pregnancy test leading to 28 weeks so far with this sweet little miracle!

People have been asking us how many kids we want, and though we may want more, we are so beyond grateful to be blessed with the one we’re growing right now because we don’t know that we’ll get that opportunity again with our odds, so we’re just soaking this one up and when the time comes, we’ll repeat our tips we learned again and see what happens ❤️ . Everyone’s story is different, every body is different, every reaction to a certain lifestyle change, supplement or treatment is different, but this was our story where we made simple, natural changes after a ton of research and holistic guidance, that though took a lot of work and dedication, didn’t necessarily cost us huge financially and ultimately led us to success. I know the fertility journey can be lonely, overwhelming, stressful, frustrating, and expensive, so I just wanted to share some things we did that you could try first if you’re struggling, that won’t break your bank, before sinking everything into fertility treatments because I know how pricey that can be, and to let you know you aren’t alone if you are the 1 in 8 couples that suffer from infertility, your fight is worth fighting, your timing WILL happen, God has a plan, and you are not alone ❤️ I *tried* to keep this relatively short, so if you have any questions or want to chat, please feel free to comment or message me 💕

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