The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

As our due date draws near and I find myself feeling pregnant for REAL, I seem to gravitate towards all things mom functional… whether its baby fashion, mom fashion, baby gear, baby books, baby bags… I find myself making excuses to get things that could double as “mom-something”, because I’m all about function and multipurpose things! With Mother’s Day coming up, I know A LOT of you are on the hunt for something either for a momma in your family, or for yourself! #TreatYoSelf SO I wanted to share some of my favorite momma finds that only go on sale once a year, that are on MAJOR sale for the next few days (May 1st-May5th) and will arrive JUST in time for Mother’s Day! ❤

Let’s start here… we travel a lot because my job covers a few free trips throughout the year as a reward for hard work, and then my family lives about 5 hours from us, so it’s a trip to see them as well. With all the travel, I’ve been on the hard hunt for a Weekender Bag to invest in, but have YET to find one I LOVED. Either I’d like the look of the outside, but the inside would just be one giant pit, OR I’d love how organized the inside was, but they outside was less than appealing… and if I’m going to INVEST in it (I’m cheap, so I’m picky with my purchases), you better believe I want to like how is looks just as much as I like it’s function, LOL! Naturally I wanted this to be my hospital bag too, since I have to tie all things to BABY. So the search continued. Pretty outside, functional organized inside, easy to clean, will hold up for a long time, but doesn’t break the bank… is that too much for a girl to ask!?

Not going to lie, I’ve been hard core creeping Fawn Designs for quite some time because I LOVE their backpacks, and when they launched their Weekender Bag I was PRETTY sure I had met my match… and let me tell ya… I DID. If you’re in the market for the PERFECT Weekender Travel Bag, Hospital Bag OR multi children overnight Diaper Bag (you’ll see in a sec!), y’all this is for YOU.

This beauty is 20in x 10in x 12in of vegan leather (Olive clearly approves of that!) which can be wiped clean super easy and is very durable! It has 4 exterior pockets, 9 interior pockets, 2 top handles, a detachable shoulder strap, and meets carry-on standards for airlines! Literally the perfect weekend companion for anyone, but moms especially because HELLO POCKETS, and comes in 4 colors! Seriously can’t wait to use this for our next trip and as my hospital bag! This bag is on sale for 15% off May 1st-May 5th, so snag one for a fellow momma or yourself before they’re gone!

Maybe you or mom doesn’t need a travel bag…I understand! Let me show you the bag that made me fall in love with Fawn Designs in the first place! Fawn is know for their multifunctional backpack bags. Whether you want it for a diaper bag, a purse, a catch-all bag, a travel bag, a kids bag, a work bag, WHATEVER, this beauty will be your GO-TO, TRUST ME.

This little bag is the Fawn Mini bag which is 25% off! It also comes in a full size called The Original which is 35% off! I personally got the Mini for myself as a summer purse for now, but will grab the Original on this sale because I’m OBSESSED… maybe I’ll get brave a try a different color since it comes in 6 gorgeous colors 😉 They both are made of vegan leather so again, animal friendly (Olive approved 😉 ) and easy to clean.. and y’all lemme tell ya when I say the quality is INSANE… IT’S SO GOOD! They both come in 6 colors with a grab handle, backpack straps and removable shoulder strap (which I forgot to put on because I love the backpack mode so much!)

The Mini has 6 interior pockets, 6 exterior pockets, stands on it’s own, and is 10in high X 11in wide X 5in deep! The Original is the exact same style, just a little bigger! Same 6 inside and outside pockets and straps, but with dimensions of 13in high X 15in wide X 8in deep! I’ve seen them both used for anything from diaper bags (the Original’s pockets hold bottles!) to purses and travel bags. The possibilities are endless with all the organizational pockets and strap changes! Again the Mini’s are on sale for 25% off and the Originals are on sale for 35% off through May 5th! ❤

You can even grab these fun stroller straps to hold your bags to your stroller! These are 25% off as well so they’re literally like $14! They work for either size bag! (or really any bag you can hook them to!)

Last, but certainly not least is this Changing Clutch! This one is going to be gear more toward the momma who still has kiddos in diapers, but how about this function if you’re visiting a friend or out and about just for a little bit! It comes with a changing pad, wipe dispenser and the clutch! You can use the clutch on it’s own for other things too when you aren’t using it for the kiddos! SO cute and functional!! The clutch holds all it’s goodies and a few diapers and zips up just fine. These are also on sale for 25% off!

I hope this was helpful!! These are seriously my favs and are totally worth grabbing for this sale! Let me know if you snag any goodies before they sell out! 🙂

#FawnAmbassador #FawnFan

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