The Perfect Travel System: UPPAbaby Review

As first time parents, there are so many items to add to the list of things you need for the baby… and naturally, there are ALWAYS a million and one variations and brands of that particular item, making your decision oh so simple… NOT. With as much as we travel, a “travel system” was something we were VERY interested in for having when little man got here. For those who don’t know (we didn’t!), a travel system is simply a Car Seat + stroller combo that are made to go together allowing you the ease to travel with just the two items, and the Car Seat seamlessly moves from the vehicle to the stroller…. supposedly.

With a lot of brands, that “transition” is not near as smooth, but we honestly had no idea where to start. We had a few things that were important to us: a super safe Car Seat that is easily moved amongst vehicles, a stroller that is big and high enough for us (we’re SUPER tall), but that can fold small enough to be compact, multiple child option so it could grow with our family, and momma wanted a decent storage on the stroller because, well, I have a lot of junk, HA!

We started with the Car Seat! After testing out a bunch in the store and not finding one we were crazy about, I got a few recommendations about the MESA Car Seat by UPPAbaby, and y’all we fell in love. It’s a 5 star rating on the NHSTA, and the quality is incredible. Everything is so sturdy and well made compared to the other Car Seat we had which seems flimsy and thin. Any adjustment that needs to be made in the seat, from the Side Impact Protection head rest, to the locations of the shoulder and crotch straps, is so simple but in depth that you can cater the seat to fit your baby PERFECTLY through each stage of growth. The base was SO fast and easy to install with a fool proof installation to make sure baby is safe EVERY time they’re in the car called their SmartSecure System.

“MESA is the only infant Car Seat with a unique technology utilizing a tightness indicator and self-retracting LATCH connectors for fast, accurate and easy installation. An indicator window changes from red to green for visual confirmation the base has been installed correctly every time. This ease of installation is one contributing factor for MESA’s NHSTA 5-star rating.”

The next thing we loved so much was the EASE of the transition from the car to the stroller! The Car Seat comes off the base and into the stroller in seconds.

The stroller itself is so amazing. The handle adjusts up and down, and at the highest setting is perfect for my 6’5 hubby, which was high on the priority list of stroller must haves: height HA! It glides like a dream with front and rear shock absorbing suspension and the details are so well thought out from the stainless steel frame to the real leather handle and Toddler seat details, this stroller is made to last with a luxury feel. One of the other check list items it covered… the MASSIVE storage basket! Y’all I can fit half the nursery in the basket, no joke. We were just on vacation for the first time with little man and were SHOCKED how much we could fit in the bottom basket! Seriously look how much room is under there!

Now, our favorite part… all the attachments and the multiple kiddo option!! Whether you’ve got twins in two Car Seats, a Toddler and a newborn, two Toddlers, or a mix of those plus one more, this stroller can accomodate 3 kiddos and we LOVED knowing that we’d be able to use this all through our childbearing years and not have to worry about getting another stroller with each kiddo! Let’s start with the attachment options:

Obviously, there’s the Car Seat for newborns, but another newborn/infant option that is included with the VISTA stroller is the Bassinet, which we LOVE. Bauer had jaundice pretty bad when he was born, so in between our daily doctors appointments, we’d stroll with him in the Bassinet to get some sun ! This Bassinet is also sleep safe certified so if you’re headed on a trip, this you don’t have to bring another sleep option, which is SO convenient. The Bassinet has an aerated mattress and water repellent liner, but is super soft to the touch (not plastic-y at all, its a super soft fabric!). The sun shade is ventilated with 50+ UPF, which is perfect for this Florida heat!

The next attachment is the Toddler seat, which has so many adjustment options is AMAZING! With simple clicks on the side or some even one handed adjustments, you can take the Toddler seat from forward facing, rear facing, reclined (the full seat reclines, not just a seat fabric release), adjust the foot rests, the sun shades, SO many options. We can’t wait to use this one when little man can sit up!

The last couple options we don’t have yet because we only have one baby, but they’re SO awesome, we can’t wait to use them! Here are some options for caring multiple kiddos:

I’d love to know if you have an UPPAbaby stroller or if you have any questions! ❤

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