Baby 2 Gender Reveal !!

I don’t know about YOU, but I’m a pretty patient person… except when it comes to knowing the gender of my babies, LOL! When we first got pregnant with Bauer, the thought of having to go HALF my pregnancy without knowing if there was a sweet little boy or girl in my tummy killed me! (thank you Amazon Prime for creating such instant gratification monsters like myself with your next day free shipping.) God forbid I lived in the time where you didn’t find out until they were born.

Little did we know that my pregnancy (and all future pregnancies) would be high risk pregnancies, SO we got to go up to a high risk doctor pretty frequently and have more tests done than I can list. One of which though, was the first trimester screening. This is a pretty common test that mothers can opt to get, high risk or not, that is a noninvasive way to rule out or confirm any genetic abnormalities or things to be aware of for baby through a very long ultrasound and some bloodwork! Lo and behold, we found out that this bloodwork could ALSO determine baby’s gender, WOOHOO! I was 12 weeks along and PUMPED that we could see what baby was…. until doc told us that since the gender portion isn’t a medical “requirement”, in terms of insurances viewpoint, insurances don’t cover that and it would be $3,500 to do in their office. No thanks ! Goodbye baby gender. He DID recommend what he said was an “at home test” that he had seen online that does they exact same thing for around $100, he just couldn’t remember what it was called.

With social media being my job, I started following some fellow mommy bloggers now that I was a new mom-to-be, and stumbled across one that had found out the gender of her baby at 9 weeks using a company called Sneak Peek, who does home blood work gender tests. I asked if that’s what he was referring to, and he said yes. Our early gender determination dreams were restored, LOL!

Now the only kicker was me who is deathly afraid of bloodwork (literal panic attack), now has to do her OWN bloodwork from home (granted its just a finger prick, but still can’t do it). Hubby can’t help because his DNA could contaminate the sample and give us a false BOY reading (and with us both having our fingers crossed for a boy, we did NOT want a false reading for that!) If you’re NOT a willy-nilly like me, you can order your home test right here and have your results within 48 hours! >> HOME TEST<<

We reached out to Sneak Peek and they let us know that they had just started opening up Clinical options at local elective ultrasound clinics and to check to see if there was a studio near us. (You can check for a studio near you HERE). Luckily there was ONE in the North Florida Area, right down the road from our house: First Glance 3D/4D Ultrasound! (If you’re in the North Florida/South Georgia Area, we HIGHLY recommend them for your elective scans!)

At a Clinical option, your blood is draw with a phlebotomist, straight from your arm to the vile, so no contamination, no self finger pricking, no self stress! Hallelujah! I went in at 15 weeks and we had our results in 48 hours that we were having a baby BOY!

It was without a doubt, that when we found out we were pregnant with baby #2, we wanted to do the same thing! By now, Sneak Peek has nailed down their gender determination time frame to 8 weeks… 8 WEEKS!!! So you better believe that at 8.5 weeks, ya girl was back in the studio for round two to see what sweet little Baby Buck #2 was! Why wait the extra 12 weeks?

We went with the next day results and how it works is you’re sent an email with the gender! If you’re having a gender reveal of some sort and don’t want to find out yourself first, you can have the email sent to whomever you’d like! My husband is incredibly color blind, so we can’t do a traditional color gender reveal as our indicator because then he misses out on the fun! So we opted to get the email ourselves and read it together! We both had our fingers crossed for another sweet boy like Bauer….

AND WE GOT IT! We can’t wait to meet you, sweet boy!

Thank you so much to our partners over at Sneak Peek and First Glance 3D/4D Ultrasound for making both our experiences so incredible! ❤

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